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Scout Visual has been around for nearly a decade and we continue to be inspired by the clients we partner with, the locations we visit, and the people we meet.

We offer a wide range of production services and have experience with projects of all sizes. Our flexible network of creative talent can handle jobs from small budget-conscious projects for nonprofits to large scale commercial production.

We are based in Northern Colorado and have local production capabilities in Boise and Kansas City.

Visual Storytelling

Stories are an incredibly engaging and compelling form of communication. Throughout history, storytelling has connected people to the past, unified them in the present, and inspired them for the future. From the studio to the backcountry, we’re equipped to go where the story leads. We’re proud of the stories we’ve told and excited for the ones yet to be uncovered.

Live Content

We’ve taken the processes we use for commercial production and streamlined them to fit the unique requirements of live event production. We love the challenge of producing imagery to fit the enormous screens of large events. These palettes allow for creative approaches to engage the audience without the space constraints of a TV screen or device.


• Concept Development, Creative Strategy

• Writing, Pre-production, Location Scouting

• Location and Studio Production

• Editorial and Motion Graphics

• Multiscreen and High Res Live Content


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